Jun 30, 2015

Charlie Eats

For the last month or so Charlie's grandmothers have been asking when I'd be giving Charlie solid food. I've been putting it off as long as possible. I didn't see the need to further complicate our lives. But over the last week or two all signs were pointing towards solid foods. A call to the pediatrician confirmed my fears. It was time.

We started off with rice cereal, which was okay. After three days with no allergies, we introduced oatmeal. He seems to prefer that... or he's just really getting the hang of this whole eating thing. It didn't take long for him to realize what was happening. He loves to hold onto my right pinky finger and help guide the spoon to his mouth.

Tomorrow we can introduce a new food and I'm trying to decide between avocado or banana. I can't believe our little chunk is old enough for foods!

Jun 23, 2015

Charlie's Baptism and Father's Day

This past Sunday Charlie was baptized.

This is the only photo I have of the actual event. (If you took some, please email them to me! Mom!)

Afterwards we had all our family over for a little lunch.

Three generation of Baddorf men!

We had a good day celebrating Charlie and the father's among us.

Jun 16, 2015

Recent Book Love

It's no secret that I love books and include reading as one of my top favorite things in life. There have been a couple of book/reading things that have jumped out at me in the last few weeks so I thought I'd share in case there are any like minded from folks out there.

This is fantastic. I both want to be and also see a bibliotherapist. I had my local bookstore order The Novel Cure for myself. Don't tell Bryan. 

I was reading an article in a recent Mental Floss that mentioned the Council on Books in Wartime. I made a note to research further. Well over a thousand books were printed and given to World War II soldiers. Here's a list of all of them. I plan on skimming through the list and reading a few.

Lately I've been reading some lighter fiction. When I find time to read I don't have the brain power to get into anything too deep. But I'm pleased that I'm at least making time for some reading here and there.

What have you been reading lately? 

Jun 15, 2015

Monday Garden Update

Good morning/afternoon. We've reached that point in the summer that it is so hot I try to do the minimal amount of work possible. This includes the garden... and blogging.

A few weeks ago I was able to get in a little time in the garden to plant a few things.

I finally was able to get my peppers in the ground. The first set of seeds I planted never started so I had to retry with a second set that finally succeeded! How many varieties of peppers are too many? I might have planted 8. Ooops.

My mom started some delicata squash from seeds and gave me two extras. I put them where half my potatoes never came up.

In the back bed the tomatoes and beans are growing well.

The thing I'm most excited about right now? FIGS! I have a total of six and I check on them daily.

We are entertaining this coming weekend so I intend to get the garden and patio whipped into the best possible shape. 

Jun 9, 2015

Mom's Birthday

A few days ago we celebrated my Mom's birthday. Trey grabbed my phone and took some pictures.

First though, we tried Charlie in the high chair.

He did not like it.

Gram made a delicious cake.

Later someone was all tuckered out.

May 28, 2015

Antique Window Latch Curtain

My closet is just on the other side of Charlie's room. The door between the rooms has been removed by a previous owner. It hasn't been an issue, until now. 

I am in this room multiple times a day. Not just to get dressed but I also store craft supplies and items I sell online.  Bryan also stores samples in there. 

We needed a curtain to block out the space. Charlie could tell we were in there based on our shadow movements. That sneaky kid. 

So I enlisted my window treatment expert/Mom to figure out a solution for us. She ordered fabric to match the curtains in Charlie's room and made a panel. 

To hang the panel she got really clever. 

She picked up three antique window clasps from our local salvage shop. Then we sewed on the rings and screwed in the clasps. 

We can open the curtain if we want, but it pretty much stays closed. 

I love this solution. It looks good and is functional. And it matches his room and my closet! 

May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend with Charlie's 4 month check up. The pediatrician suggested he start using his Bumbo and he was not so sure about it.
Ha. I love his faces below.

My family has this thing where we travel for food. Particularly bbq and tamales. I don't know when this started or why, but we do it and we love it. My dad and I had a craving for Helen's in Brownsville, TN. So we loaded up the family van and hit the highway. It's only an hour or less from Memphis, so it wasn't a big deal.

My brother and I were stuck in the far back together. Flashbacks to growing up!

Nothing like a holiday weekend in the South like sitting on the side of the highway eating bbq on a picnic table.

Mom picked out a slew of drinks and I was so excited to drink Orange Crush. I'm pretty sure I hadn't had it since I was eight. Delicious and perfect with our meal.

By the way, Dad ordered some bbq nachos at Helen's. They were cheesy doritos covered in bbq sauce, bbq, and nacho cheese. Ridiculous.

Charlie gave us some 'tude on the ride home. But he'd had his shots that afternoon so we forgave him.

Saturday morning was a sweet time of lounging, snuggles, farmers market. I worked in the garden some too.

Saturday night Bryan and I had our first date night in a month or more. We started at the Tennesee Brewery with drinks. Then walked up to the park to see some of the Sunset Symphony Airshow. You can see the plane in the middle of the picture above in the white cloud. Then we walked down South Main for appetizers at Cafe Pontotac and dinner at 5 Spot.

Sunday was church and hanging around the house which was nice.

Monday we went to Bryan's parent's house for a cookout.

It was nice to have a long weekend to start the summer off right.  Hope you had a great holiday weekend!